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January - A Lovely Year of Finishes Participant Highlight - Katy at Lethargic Lass

Hello hello ALYoF peeps. 

If you were with Melissa and I last year we did a mid-month check-in.  These were fun, but some work for us that wasn't heavily linked-up. 
This year we're trying something new. 

Melissa is going to try to do a weekly check-in of her own goals on her blog. . whoohooo you go girl! I on the other hand would feel this is too much pressure! 
Both ways are great - hee hee.

For a middle of the month, we're going to highlight a person that participates in ALYoF so we can encourage everyone to visit one another.  You all are what makes this link up so exciting.

Okay our fantastic sponsors help a bunch too!

This will fall in the middle of the month so you don't forget us and the goal you chose during the beginning of the month.


This month we are going to highlight a long-time participant of A Lovely Year of Finishes

Katy from Lethargic Lass
Photos provided from - photo from Lethargic Lass - thanks for sharing

Blog name: LethargicLass
Name you’re known by throughout quilting world: LethargicLass (Katy)

What's your ALYoF goal this month? To finish my project for the Mosaic Tiles blog hop from the Modern Bee book

Mosaic Tiles Blog Hop Pillow - photo from Lethargic Lass

How do you approach your sewing goals? I try to make my goals do-able,and as well, I set little progress goals on more than one project at a time so I don’t get bored. One day I might chain-piece HSTs for one project and iron and trim something from another project.

How do you organize/prioritize your projects? I keep the pattern (whether printed or a book) with the fabrics and any templates either in a baggie, or a plastic storage tub depending on size. I keep any hand-sewing or embroidery projects at my computer desk, as well as small things to trim so I can do them while watching tv or checking emails.

What is your current favorite project that you are working on? Will you share pictures with us? My favourite project right now is my newest and most unplanned one. On the same day that a friend released a great tutorial, another friend announced a pregnancy… it had to be done! The tutorial I am using can be found here

Slice of Pie Block - photo from Lethargic Lass
Slice of Pie prep - photo from Lethargic Lass

What is your dream project to work on? I have almost all of Jen Kingwell’s patterns. Any one of them would be a dream really… I am just working on convincing myself I can do it :)

What is your favorite time of day to sew? Pretty much anytime other than late evening… I go to bed early, and if I am still sewing it tempts me to stay up, so I have to stop myself lol.

What is your favorite quilting/sewing accessory? Hard one… probably my Best Press and seam ripper… with those two I can fix almost anything!

What is your number one quilting/sewing goal for 2014? to actually make more quilts. I normally do so many swaps that I don’t get time to make quilts, and I want to return to more quilts, less smaller items.

What is one technique you really want to learn? I would like to learn FMQ… I figure with making more quilts this year that shouldn’t be a problem!


Thank you so much Katy for joining us today! We loved learning more about you!!!

Keep up the great work on your one goal for this month - you can do it! And so can everyone participating.  

The finishes link-up starts the last 7 days of the month and will end before the month clicks over.  So you'll need to finish and photograph your finish before next month.  

Hmmm maybe I should start. . . bahahaha.


  1. This is a great idea!! Thanks for sharing Katy with us!

  2. I just love when timing falls into place like it did for you and the slice of pie. When that happens to me, it's like the universe has got my back.

  3. What a lovely idea! And perfect choice of name for your first participant ;o)

  4. Brilliant idea to highlight a participant each month, love your questions!

  5. Love the idea of highlighting a participant each month and you could not have picked a better first highlight than Katy!

  6. I love these mid month features. Being a master procrastinator--I usually hadn't started focusing on my goal project by the time you had the mid month link up! LOL However, I have been working on mine earlier this time--new year,new leaf??? BwaahhhhH! Right!

    I love that slice of pie quilt--I can't wait to see it when Katy finishes it. Actually, love the mosiac tiles also. Thanks for sharing!


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