Monday, January 27, 2014

Craftsy Review: Pre-Cut Piecing Made Simple

Super excited to review the craftsy classes I've bought you can see the classes I've reviewed Craftsy Class Review.  

In this post, I'll review Pre-cut Piecing Made Simple
with Camille Roskelley that also blogs over at  Simplify

What I learned - I got to see some piecing techniques in action and I was pleasantly surprised some of the ways I piece were shown in this class. I also picked up some ways to cut yardage.  I saw how to use the lines on a cutting mat in action, which was great. I didn't learn any earth shattering items but just some awesome simple & peaceful approaches to quilt tops.

Teacher - Camille Roskelley is great.  Camille was comfortable and she was great being on camera showing off her techniques. She is knowledgeable with this topic. And she is entertaining to watch. I adore how calm Camille approaches quilting, which is how I get only when I'm sewing. :)  Maybe that's why I sew!

Class Content - This class includes four quilts. It's fun to watch Camille sew through these and just to listen to her talk through what goes through her head.  This is a super fun class to watch.  I don't get to go to many in person classes and this is a great substitute. The techniques Camille presents are clear and helpful.

And the patterns that she presents are ones that I would love to make.  Including a Swoon quilt!
Rating - Blah - So So - Like - Love this class.

I love this class. I didn't purchase this class for a long time but when I finally did, I  have enjoy it. The techniques are some that I already have in my toolbox.  

I would recommend this class to any level quilter.  

I bought this class while it was on sale and for that quality for the price I paid is great. I would buy this again, if on sale.

And I would buy it just for the Swoon pattern but you get a lot more. 

To see more of the classes I have reviewed visit the reference page I've created, Craftsy Class Review.

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  1. I'm amazed at how many classes you take! You rock!

  2. I've just bought a 5-pack of classes to add to my collection, place your bets on how quickly I get to them... ;o)


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