Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Help I've been lured in by the pretty shiny needles

 I just sit here innocently enjoying the pretty colors of fabric that just keep showing up to my house. 

Oh yes. . then enter my tweeps Bonnie and Jenna.  Not only is dearest Bonnie a master at knitting almost anything {check out her flickr photos HERE} she went ahead and encouraged Jenna to start knitting {check out her kitting flickr photos HERE}.  Pfft.  I have no will power!  I started knitting again.

I have to imagine that my yarn stash is singing joyful tunes as it's been neglected for a solid year since fabric has taken the drivers seat.

So not only am I getting imported yarn from Jenna . . .

. . .  ohhh pretty yarn.  This isn't the only thing I'm getting .. lalalala. 

I've put myself in a few knit along's (KAL).  What??. . more??  Well maybe I have!  :) 

What makes you feel better when you're sick and can't sit and sew?  Knitting!  And since I've been sick with various interesting colds for WEEKS now- a few knitting projects have hit my needles. 

First off I'm in a winter long KAL hosted by Michelle over at Knit Purl Hunter the first lovely project is a Shawlette.  And the videos are awesome! I joined this to learn new stuff. . and boy howdy I have!  I'll show my progress once I actually get to the end of Part 1.

The second KAL is hosted by luvinthemommyhood it's a cowl . . you know the thing that I want to finish before winter ends!  So since I've learned deadlines are my friend - here I go!  I'll post photos once I can actually cast on this bloody cowl that I keep having twisted stitches.  I might go to my local knitting group and cry on a few shoulders.

I'll try to keep my Ravelry projects tracked.  Hopefully.

No knitting right now as I need to go pick up my father's banjo.  He found it at a yard sale years ago. He was a master yard sale-er.  My father actually loved to play but he always said it doesn't play right.  I'm never sure if it did or didn't.  I imagine he was just joking  and sounded wonderful.  So I'll be taking lessons this fall and make him proud. I so miss my Dad!


  1. Thanks for joining in for the knit along! Looking forward to seeing your cowl :) Happy knitting!

  2. Isn't it funny how our friends suck us in? I am always envious of the knitters! You go girl!
    I'm sure you Dad was proud of you, banjo or no, they always are.


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