Saturday, October 22, 2011

Able to sew again - finally

Well, I was going to complain about how late I was at the end of August. . and now it's October. 

Being kicked down by multiple colds just isn't right.  Thankfully the bee's that I'm in have very nice and forgiving women.  At least they aren't bashing me - yet.

What a lesson learned about wanting things done and done now.  Sometimes life happens.. and look it happened to me. 

So I'm finishing up October blocks.  A few that put me outside where I normally sew.

Bottom line is that I love sewing outside my comfort zone, I love sewing for others, and I wouldn't know what to do with myself without peeps.

So on with the show -  

 Katherine requested two blocks with the following criteria: circles, one vespa that she provided, and a letter "k" on each block.  She provided some awesome 30's reproduction fabric.

There are the two blocks I stitched it up.  Finally breaking out some rulers I've picked up along the way - circles!  Yeah!

August - Aqua & Orange Bee There are some fancy smancy stitches in there. . really. I was breaking out of my zone and learning some new stitches on my machine. I apparently need to move beyond white thread to have it show. All in good time. August - Aqua & Orange Bee

I like the K on this block because it's a free hand.  Ohhh pretty! And the first time this is washed it will have a few raw edge love- YUM!

Some of the other blocks are a-ma-zing! Go check out the flickr group. No seriously. . these ladies ROCK! 

You know the bee that I'm Bee Mama for.  {Insert eye roll here}  How could I be late for the bee that I'm hosting!  Sigh!

Well I got to sew for the wonderful Sarah.  She blogs over at Issabella the Cat.  This isn't the first time I've been late with Sarah's blocks - sigh.  I may be late but I adore Sarah!  I'm sure that if we met that everyone would be annoyed from us going on and on! 

I'm late on her blocks because I've wanted to make them perfect.  I first knocked this Girl's Favorite Block out of the park. . snazzy

August - {Sew Bee It}

But I also have leftover fabrics.  What in the heck was I going to do?  Not only couldn't I decide then the other bee-mates kept coming up with some ROCKING blocks.  So I got 'sewers block' on the next blocks.

August - {Sew Bee It}
This is what I finally decided on. ♥ 

August - {Sew Bee It}

And all three of them in one shot . . August - {Sew Bee It}

A wee bit back I found a post from Sarah over at Sew Sarah Sews for her heartfelt request for assistance to make a few quilts.  These are for a few girls that are in foster care.  I had so many lovely adults in my life and feel so sad for anyone who doesn't.  One of the blocks she requested was a garden fence block.  Well that was TOO easy.

Quilting for Kids

Here are the two blocks I made for her to incorporate into the other blocks. 

Finished my third round of meds. Feel human again - soon I'll post about my September and October bee blocks soon.


  1. I coined a new word while looking at these blocks - mint-topia I'm rather loving them to bits honey! And I get 3 rather than 2!!! Uber kind on your part thank you lots and lots :)
    Katherine's blocks are fab too, I'm loving the stripy circle on the 2nd one (May have to pinch this idea myself Mwhahaha!)

  2. Great job on all those blocks. Now I need to stop procrastinating, and go and get on with my own...

  3. I love that mosaic block, I wish you'd tell me how you make them!

  4. Really love the fussy cut star Shanna.
    I hope you are feeling better!

  5. I am so glad to hear you are feeling better. Your blocks are wonderful, all of them!

  6. Wow! You made some fabulous blocks. The Girl's Favorite Block is my favorite. It is a show stopper! I really love the fabrics you have used.

  7. Feeling human is way better than feeling like a zombie cause of headcolds - glad you are feeling better and feeling like sewing again!

  8. You are so right about the snazziness of that block! Love it! All your blocks look great and I'm glad you are feeling better!


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