Sunday, October 16, 2011

When yarn makes you cry revert to fabric

Oh dear dear dear.  I'm working on the most wonderful Knit Along hosted by Knit Purl Hunter seriously the videos ROCK!  I've learned how to start a shawl, how to make an increase left and right, and my new favorite technique a lifeline.  Really a line that helps out when you have many a stitch.  And when you mess up you don't have to rip the ENTIRE thing out.  Beauty!

A few things I've learned. . inserting the lifeline and using stitch markers you must use a needle and thread technique not the spare thread taped onto the needle. This is because the stitch markers won't move!  Ding, ding, ding.

Well here's my shawlette 3 rows shy of part 1.  Ohh pretty!

Oh, here's the missed stitch my cat found running across my work while whining to get out.  I'm not sure if I wanted to thank him or smack him up side the head.   Needless to say I was not happy at my yarn.  I pulled all of this out and now they are sitting ready to start again.  Sigh!

Okay so yarn frustrated me so I turned to fabric.  That's right pillowcase tutorial by Wonderfully Awkward. She threw up this awesome tute it seemed like a few hours after I asked. 

On many of my trips to Portland, Oregon, I purchased some fabric at Fabric Depot at their super outdoor sale.  $5.00/yard for super fabric . . yep totally up my alley.  This is Dolce by Tanya Whelan ~Grand Revival

I got enough fabric for 4 pillowcases. I only got around to finishing 2 today.

I've been letting this sit as I don't have awesome ribbon like Bonnie had in her tute. Instead I did a handy search for french seams.  I found this tute over at Two Peas in a Pod Designs which worked wonders in place of the ribbon part.  This as a flat seam and it rocks! You can have the double stitch on the inside or the out, yeah I have to think on that a bit more before it all makes sense.

It ended up to be a grand day, even with a restart.  :)

I'll be adding this to a finish as I actually got something done. WHOOP!

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  1. I have no idea how to knit, so I am impressed that you can even get that far to make a mistake! It looks like your shawl will be awesome when you get it finished, though! And I love the pillowcases. I think you've inspired me to make a few for our bed!

  2. Cute pillows! :) Love the fabric. Thanks for linking up to {Sew} Modern Monday and have a great week!

  3. Ahh, and this is why it's nice to have more than one hobby. When the first one makes you want to hurt somebody, you can just switch to the next :)

  4. I love Fabric Depot! The AAA office here in town (Pendleton) had a brochure that has a coupon for 30% off your entire purchase there! I was just in PDX, but didn't make it there :(. Next time!!!

  5. No idea to knit and the pillow case is wonderful.

  6. Pillowcases make great gifts! :-)

  7. The pillowcases look beautiful in this fabric!


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