Thursday, October 20, 2011

Remember when

Oh the memories. 

Okay not really it's just that I've been so out of it. 

I found that one of the charity blocks I made for Sew Fresh Fabrics waaaaaaay back in January, sent, received, and has been quilted up.  Ohh how wonderful are these!

Here's the finished "girl's" quilt with the one block I sent in. 

Someone gets to cuddle in this - made of all scraps.

Here's both of the two quilts made for Round 1 ready to be shipped. 

Well this charity bee with SFF just keep going.  Go check out the blog post on these two quilts.  And to keep tabs on future rounds just keep tabs on the blog in general.

Oh and there's a flickr group site too!  Whoop Whoop!

*Photos from Sew Fresh Fabics found on Flickr.


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