Friday, October 14, 2011

Deadline's rock

Yep - totally deadlines rock!  Homework rocks!  Having some accountability rocks!

I'm not really sure if I would accomplish as much as I do without deadlines.  So, yeah I've had a few monster colds the last few weeks.  I'm the good employee that goes HOME to get better.  The moment I do feel better I go back to work and BAM!  A bad employee is there to hit my weakened immune system with a cold - that just has to run it's course.  Grrrrrr {Insert expletives here}

My many bee-mates have been so forgiving for my lack of completed blocks for the ENTIRE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER {yeah I was yelling sorry}.  I seriously can't believe that I haven't had the energy or time to get to my sewing machine.  And each block needs attention so I just can't walk in and whip it out.  I could if I'm 100% but not when I'm running on 40%.

So while my bee-mates have been awesome there are some deadlines that you can't mess with.  One of those is for the 4x5 group.  The deadlines here are sticky!  You must get your blocks done or you are kicked out.  Well that's enough motivation for me to get my weakened state into the sewing room.  {do I sound poor-baby enough?}

Well the first hurdle is to figure out a block that will be worthy and awesome.  Oh and kinda fits the fav blocks of the ladies that I'm sewing with.  Weeks of pondering I finally came up with my own block design.

You wouldn't believe I was good at math watching me trying to calculate this, at least it all worked out in the end.  

Here are the 5 blocks that I made for the Sew Modern Bee - 2011 Quarter 3 - Beehive 3

4x5 Modern Bee 2011, Q3

I made this block for leedle deedle quilts who blogs over at
4x5 2011 Q3 Her color choices are orange, grey, sunny yellow
 I made this block for adnohr who blogs over at
4x5 2011 Q3
Her color choices are apple green, iris/plum, aqua/turquoise blue

I made this block for Ninepatchcmd who blogs over at
4x5 2011 Q3
Her color choices are gray, aqua, lime

I made this block i like orange too who blogs over at
4x5 2011 Q3
Her color choices are orange, aqua/teal, lime/citron

I made this block for annietwinkletoes blogs over at
4x5 2011 Q3
Her color choices are aqua, gray, white

I have to say - these rock!  I can't wait to make one for myself! 


  1. All totally gorgeous!!! If I could rock that at 40% I'd be bloomin amazing at 100% - which of course you are :)
    Hope you're feeling better soon, have a great weekend!

  2. Oh, pretty, pretty blocks!
    And I hope you're feeling better!

  3. This is my new favorite block :)

  4. Good for you for staying home when you're sick! I'd rather sick co-workers stay home to get better. :>

  5. I love your color combinations on these blocks!

  6. Most excellent bee blocks! I just joined the next round sign up for the 4x5!

  7. Amazing. Those blocks rock! :)

  8. All are awesome and hope you`re better.

  9. I agree - these are awesome! Can't wait to see who my partners are for Q4 of the 4 x 5 bee and 3 x 6 bee - so many talented ladies!


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