Tuesday, August 7, 2012

4-H quilter

How did you learn how to sew, quilt, craft?

All of the things that I'm now embarking on weren't things I did as a child but they were always happening around me.

My lovely step-daughter wants to do the things I'm doing!  Good for her!

She was involved with 4-H this past year for sewing. 
She wanted to make a quilt for the country fair.  I love it!
Step-daughters 4-H Quilt Front
She procrastinated on this because she thought that everything came together quickly because she thinks I work at lightening speed fast {hahaha}.

Boy did she learn!

But I have to say, even the back rocks!!

Step-daughters 4-H Quilt Back

It's been like a sewing sweatshop in this house the last few weeks.  Poor thing wanted to take a break so many nights but she had to keep going.   Poor thing didn't really realize how long all these steps take.  It doesn't help that she's taking her time and being SUPER meticulous with her sewing - yeah it's a lot of forever to get her through this.

She finished this a whole 20 minutes before it was due. . cutting it close!

Step-daughters 4-H binding detail
I'm proud to say that I've kept myself away from this process.  I only guided her ...for those that know me. . this was super hard for me.  It's against the rules for me to do any of this process, but I've became the teacher.

It all paid off .. she got a blue ribbon for this beauty!


  1. Your step daughter did a wonderful job on this. You must be very proud of her.

  2. Looking at her gorgeous quilt, I'm in no way surprised that she took the blue ribbon. Please share my congratulations with her!

  3. This is how I got started in quilting, I started competing in the clothing and textiles competition in 4-H! I hope it sticks!

  4. That is so great! It looks wonderful!

  5. Wonderful work! I learned to sew from my mommy too. I would waatch her hard at work. She would make things for us 7 children, and mend things for the neighbors who had no clue how to even thread a needle. I just decided I was going to make something one day, from the patterns she had in the basement, and she said yes. I asked her questions, and she answered what ever I asked, and let me do what I wanted. I remember making baby clothes for my brother's new baby. I made a pilgrim halloween outfit for my little sister. I made a "quilt" wall hanging for my sister that had pockets you could put dolls in and move around the scene.

  6. Yea! 20 minutes eh? I guess that's better than me on most of my projects LOL! Congrats to her! It's gorgeous!

  7. Woohoo, congrats to her, well deserved :o) Well done you for sitting on your hands too!

  8. It is a gorgeous quilt! Tell her congrats :)

  9. Congratulations to the blue ribbon quilter!


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