Saturday, August 11, 2012

While others sew

While the 4-H quilt was being made I had to give up a lot of my space and allow myself to be available when she had questions.  Being a teacher was super hard overall.  I crashed hard after it was done.

That quilt will be going to the state fair. . yeah!
While she was sewing and taking up my sewing area, I started and finished up this jelly roll race quilt.  It really came together quickly! Thankfully there was something to keep me occupied during this process! 

I got this idea from Ann that I met at my Tula Pink weekend. And I found this great video that made it where I didn't even think while finishing this beauty up. 
Jelly Roll Race Quilt

Since I had more time after this was done . . I canned 10 pints of blueberry jam.

Oh and I've planned out my hoopie I'm making for the Bee a {modern}swapper.
Here's a sneak peek

Bee a {modern} Swapper - Hoopie Peek

Totally loving summer!


  1. I have a Christmas jelly roll hanging around and may have to do that the colors!

  2. Well done on your race, and the canning. Good luck at the state fair :o)

  3. I love how you just whip these thing up, oh and then make 10 jars of jam. Domestic Queen!!!!
    -love Lou

  4. Yea for the jelly roll race quilt top - I just love the colors. Congratulations on your step-daughter's 4-H quilt going to the state fair - great job teacher!
    10 pints of Blueberry jam! YUMMY. :)

  5. The jelly roll race quilt turned out great! I still haven't done one and I have 2 jelly rolls just sitting in my fabric stash doing nothing! Can you please send me your jam recipe?

  6. And I'm sure you did a great job as a teacher!!!


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