Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bee blocks August 2012 Edition

Finishing up my bee block responsibilities.  I don't host another month so it's just the few bee packages that show up at my doorstep.  Sniff Sniff

And I have just a few more months left of the Block Party bee
{we're working within the awesome Block Party book}
hosted by the one and only Fairly Merry.

This has been a super fun group.  I'm super happy to fill in the last few months. 
This one is for the Block Party bee.

Block Party - August 2012

So super easy it was just WRONG!

I had this on my design wall for way too long.  My mother kept saying how fun these were so I had to take them down and ship them out!  I have some many projects going I didn't have time to think of another!

I also finally finished up these beauties for the Bee a Lone Star(burst) group using this tutorial

Bee a Lone Star(burst) - May

I finished this back in July

Bee a Lone Star(burst)

I finished this up this last Monday.

These were for {cough} May for the wonderful May Chappell

I'm so happy to get these out the door!

These lovely ladies are just making awesome things.  I had to step out of this group, the paper piecing is just a bit too much for me. Good to know this about myself.


So then I also swapped outside of a bee with the lovely Ella for a few random triangle blocks that she made me in July.  She sent me some awesome fabric and here are the two blocks I came up with.

block 2 for ella

These are super triangle like. . it's just what is on my brain these days!

Triangle for Ella

Love the colors and the fabrics.

I can't wait to see what happens with these blocks.

That's what I have going on right now.  There's more. . . muhahaha


  1. They all look great, but my favourite is the star with the radiating dots in the middle

  2. Your blocks look fantastic! The last one is so different and amazing! I've not seen one like it before.

    1. That's because I made that one up! Oh the things in my head. :)

  3. Wonderful block, love the color combos.....

  4. Fantastic bee blocks, love the grays and yellows.


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