Friday, August 17, 2012

I can even sew clothing

When I was a child, kid, teen the deal was if I cut it out. . my mother would sew it.
Let me tell you I can cut anything out and have it work every time!  I know about the grain of fabric, matching patterns and lots of other awesome sewing tricks.

{My mother is here this week and she tells me this was not the case . . whatever!}

When I first got my sewing machine I used to make clothing.  It was super fun. .and then it wasn't. 
I don't care for cutting out patterns. 

My ho-hummy attitude towards clothing is why I didn't believe that I would even LIKE quilting. But here I am really enjoy cutting out quilt patterns and even venturing into self created designs.
Nephews Shirt

Sooooooo . . . the last trip to my mother's house she had a cute small top on her machine for my youngest nephew.  It was all but done.  And my mother said. . she couldn't finish it.  Poor mother is starting to lose her patience for such things.
I gladly took this shirt away from her and back home. I zipped it through my machine.  I even put in the buttonholes and everything!

The only issue that I was having is the amount of thread she sent me home with . . OMG I almost had a heart attack!  See the photo. . there are only a few wraps left. . ahhhhh!

But yep .. I can sew clothing. 
Don't tell my fella as I owe him some PJ pants from years ago. . lalalalala



  1. Love it, but trousers, those can be tough... (go with that excuse and don't tell him they're actually dead easy ;o) )

  2. Just enough thread is perfect in my opinion! Buttonholes! You go girlie!

  3. Congratulations! Looks like the right amount of thread to me, just enough that you wouldn't need to run out to the store!


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