Friday, August 24, 2012

My first Faux chenille blanket

You know when your just surfing the net, having a grand time. 

Checking out your flickr groups and how awesome all your contacts are. 
Looking at pinterest.
Looking at blogs.
Time . . .

Well it's dangerous!  It's dangerous to my pocketbook and my outstanding projects!

Somehow I came across a faux chenille blanket
- I don't remember where.
Well I was instantly obsessed.  It looks easy and wonderful!
Faux chenille blanket - before

I used the tutorial over at Aesthetic Nest (which is awesome).

I when ahead and purchased the cleaver Olfa's Chenille Cutter tool and I'm so happy I did.  I learned that you need to use the biggest size channel on the tool you can on each seam.  If you don't you can inadvertently wander and accidentally clip some of your stitching. Oops

So as I live in podunk rural Oregon I didn't have much choice in fabrics. I purchased some lightweight denim and 3 pieces of flannel. 

Zippdy - do - da!

Oh wait. . there was a HOLE in the middle of my fabric.  But alas I can fix that - applique the initial of the precious baby boy that this is going to be for. 
I can make anything work!  :)

So I completed the initial, applique, ALL of the quilting channels, and cutting the flannel to make the chenille pieces all in one night. One long long night after a full day of work.

Then the next evening I put on some binding - rounded corners at that. The corners didn't pucker but wow I need a little more time with curves.  I'm glad I made a much wider binding strip for this test. :)

Here it is all yummy and washed.  I had to stitch down a two spots that were cut too close - another reason to wash before gifting.  
Faux chenille blanket - after

Let me say that I'm impressed that I can make boy things. . I totally can.

I love it.  I'm sure my friend will love it too! The baby is too small to love anything yet.


  1. Oh that looks fab, I can imagine it's lovely and soft

  2. He WILL love it!!
    so cool!

  3. We operate on exactly the same level - surf, surf, surf - ohhh, I want to make that! Shop, shop, shop, push everything else aside! Babies can totally love something, maybe it will be his favorite blankie that he carries everywhere. I would, that soft thing. Good finish!

  4. I was just looking at those chenille cutters this weekend! I wasn't sure if they were worth it but now that I've read your post, darn you! I am going to have to go get one :) The quilt is just adorable and I love the added J, I never would have guessed there was any reason other than complete cuteness!


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