Saturday, September 3, 2011

August ends and school begins

Well it's been a weird weather summer around here.  I haven't been driven inside crying because of the super hot days.  I've enjoyed a house with just my fella and I while his daughter goes and spends some much needed time with her mother. But all things change.  And here it is again.

We're preparing for school, dealing with purple hair (sigh), and adjusting to the old routine.  {Yes you must go to bed!}

Besides prepping for my month as queen bee in September.
September - Red and Aqua prep

Baby Block

I even got to sew a bit for myself with this block. . whoop.  This quilt will one day be a reality.--->

I've been sewing for my other bee-mates.  How super fun is this!  I totally made a dent in my commitments before August even started (previous post found here).

Here's the rest of my August bee blocks. Although many of them are considered late- sigh.


August - ThreadheadsAugust - Threadheads
Jennifer that blogs over at Ellison Lane Quilts sent us the cutest package ever.  Not only did it have lovely fabric in it.. it was cut up and SO easy to put together!  The longest part was ironing the seams open as I usually press to one side.  {So go me!  I read the intructions before it was too late}

If you are interested in these block dearest Jennifer is having a quilt along for a whole quilt with these. . the results are a rocking!

Twice as Nice

August - Twice as Nice Our lovely Queen bee in this group wanted blocks made from Joel Dewberry fabrics. . YUM!  She wanted to have us pick our blocks ahead of time. . this was an interesting concept. 
August- Twice as Nice

It actually took me awhile to motivate myself for these blocks although I chose them. :)  But here they are all shiny and pretty. 

The hexi block is a change of plans as I couldn't bring myself to do more flying geese. . and it doesn't help that I lost the pattern.  Le'sigh! 

{Modern 12}

{Modern 12} - August block Lindsey joined this group late with me.  She was so super busy last month that we extended the group one more month.  She asked for Liberated Cross Blocks.  Wow. . these were fun!

August - {Sew Bee It} {Sew Bee It}

Sarah sent a yummy package of Joel Dewberry fabrics - love them!  This is a colorway I usually don't play with .  I've had SO much fun planning these for her.  ♥ I hope you love these as much as I do!

This block is called Girl's Favorite.  YUM!

This is the one block I've made.  Sarah know's I'm good even if I'm late.   I'll try to whip something else up before I post this after the holiday.  



  1. Don't worry about the purple hair - hair can always be changed. My daughter currently has dreads, with her gorgeous strawberry blond hair, dreads. I keep telling myself, it's only hair. And I love your star block and the Joel Dewberry (Droolberry?) fabrics.

  2. Love them all (and of course ADORE mine!!). Can't wait to see where your block heads, love those colors! I agree, don't stress about purple hair, I bet the fad won't last long. xo

  3. Oh, I'm loving all the blocks!
    And good luck with the purple hair :)


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