Friday, September 23, 2011

How do you roll?

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I admit that I'm a quasi-techno geek.
I feel more quasi more often than not.  I'm beginning to lose my savi-techno lingo with each iteration of new technology that comes about. 

Do you KNOW how long it took me to figure out how to link photos from flickr here?  When I realized I didn't need to up-load my photos in two places I was so excited!

So, how do you follow people? 

I follow people mostly through Google Reader.  Do you know that I get that 1000+ posts to read more often that I like to admit!  I love being able to view everything in a snap shot. I know that doesn't show the bloggy love in the stats but I do see the posts.  Oh and I can search them too.

I love the blog post I found when I was a newbie blog reader about the 'Next' button.  Do you know about that?  I can't find the blog person or post that I learned this trick from. Clover and Violet has a great post on this trick you can find that post here.

I put some of my fav peeps in my 'blog roll' over on the bottom right ---> {you know these ladies ROCK right?}

Do you Flickr?

Yeah this is so much eye candy for me.  I love that so many quilters have found their way there to make groups!  When I was going through blogs I was so amazed these people made their ways into groups.  How did they do that?  Ohhh flickr has GROUPS!

I found my way into the Quilting Bee Blocks group.  Yeah and stalked the 'I want in' thread.  I admit -I did stalk this a bit too much the first few months - thus the MANY a bee I'm in.  I do not look at this group anymore!  I find my groups through blogs now.  Oh dear.

You can see my plethora of photos here

Do you Pinterest? 

I have a few boards found here.
I have a bff from grade school who is a tastemaker in the 'technology' category.  That means she's SUPER cool and spends a few hours on pinterest sometimes.
She's amazing on the techno geeky love.  One day I'll pay her to redesign my blog.  Now what will I have her do?

Do you Twitter?

Bonnie, Jenna and I do. . yeah we might talk a bit here. :)

Do you blog?

I stalk many a blog but I'm always looking for more. ♥  

Do you bee?

I'm the Bee Mama for a group called {Sew Bee It}.

You can go check out the creations on flickr found here

You can see some of the blogs of these WONDERFUL ladies by clicking on their names below

Erin - Why Not Sew?
Sarah - Issabella the Cat
Sarah - Romeo and Juliet Designs
Jenna - Sew Happy Geek
Bonnie - Wonderfully Awkward
Lindsey - LR stitched
Holly - Me ... and the Shedders
Jovanna - Sharing Jovanna Moments

One of the gals in the {Sew Bee It} group who doesn't have a blog made this awesome block. 

Baker Street Puzzle
Foxflower made this block called 'Baker Street Puzzle' as the recipient is in the UK and Sherlock is an awesome show. 

So do you?
I would love to see what you got going on!


  1. I'm lovin' the linky love honey ta very much :)
    I also now have lots of reading to do (Who needs a tidy house anyway!)

  2. I would do so much more if I actually paid for my internet. :-)

  3. I follow people by blog,email and newsletter but my best way is go to the blog.

    I joined a group in flirck,my first time.

    Love that block,is great!!

  4. I usually follow blogs by email. I need to change this because I get to many daily emails.

  5. I follow blogs via Google Reader/Google Friend Connect and that "Next" button thingy pretty much changed my life. I love it.

    I do Flickr, and like you, I was gobsmacked at the size and vibrancy of the Flickr community. I love it! I over-committed to bees, too...just finishing up a couple and limiting myself to one for the coming year.

    I can't let myself get on Twitter because I have enough trouble finding time to actually sew!

    I'm here from Ellison Lane - i'll stay a while and have a look around your lovely blog!


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