Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I am not a leader

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"I am NOT a leader"
That's a t-shirt that I always wanted in college.

Low and behold - I am a leader.  It's just my personality. I'm a leader at work, I'm a leader at home, and I'm a leader in a few things I do personally.

So instead of denying it any longer - I'm just embrace it.  I'm learning along the way, but I'll "lead".

As many of my bff's know. . I LOVE to share the information that I do have.  Why should someone struggle with the same things that I have.

I might sound like a know it all. . but rest assured I am NOT!

I've jumped in with both feet leading on-line bees through flickr.  On-line sewing groups with ladies that are super talented. {Men are talented at this craft as well, I just don't sew with any of them} Who knew that sending your fabrics to 11 total strangers and sewing for them could be SO much fun. Well in my case it's around 60 total strangers. :)

Learning how to roll with things can be a challenge.

Picking blocks that work within your group's skill level
Making sure you have enough fabrics
Packaging your fabrics when it's your turn to lead {see my post on this here}
Accepting that over-sea mail does cost more and takes longer to arrive
Accepting your packages may get LOST in the mail
Laughing when packages you thought were lost in the mail show up 2 months late
Sending packages to people no longer in your group
When you are in multiple groups. . remembering which block goes to which person
When it's your month letting go when your blocks trickle back to you super late

It's all about learning how to deal with people and how to deal with yourself.  It's such a great experience! Sometimes we have to remember to mind our manners but once we can do that it's so much fun.

I'm hosting a great group of gals for a group of new on-line bee'ers.  This doesn't mean these gals are new to sewing, although some are.  These women are TALENTED! They are all over the world too.

Go check out their creations over at New Bee on the Block

July-New Bee on the BlockFirst they made a Merry Go Round Block

Block by A.S.K.-P. --->

They second block was a paper pieced tear drop based on a block found here.  I didn't hear any complaining.  It sounded like everyone learned!  Oh and the creations!

August 2011 - Block for shimmyblisster <---- Block by sohobutterfly

Right now they are making book/reading blocks.  There are a few requirements but here are a few examples as they ROCK

September Block for Lina - sewperstitious  <--- This block is by Annamal Quilts'

Seriously look there is steam from the mug.  She must know how I read near my bookshelves

for LinaThis block is by ylmommyx4's ---->

I'm jealous I'm only hosting this bee.  These women are super awesome!

Some of them blog as well.  Go check them out:

** Ester **

Looking for my giveaway?  It runs through Friday September 23.  Check it out here.

I'm not the only one with a giveaway. Go check out Nikki over at Sew Quine she's celebrating another year passing.  Whoop.


  1. thank you for being our fearless leader. And I really do mean leader. I had no clue how a bee worked until you explained it to me. Big Hug!

  2. And Esther! esther.pawliw.com :)

  3. And you are one AWESOME leader at that! Thanks for inviting me to play along in New Bee. It has been a wonderful learning experience for me so far. Seriously flattered that you found my pinwheel block blog-worthy :) *blushing*

  4. Thank you for your leadership! I'm seriously feeling the love from all the fine folks I've met!


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