Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fields of flowers

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The first bee I jumped into was an on-going bee.  {Modern 12} a group the queen bee chooses a pattern and the others sew from their own stash.  What a great introduction to the quilting and flickr community.

The last queen bee was Lindsey that blogs over at LRStitched.  When I grow up I hope to be just as talented and kindhearted as she is.  Go over and check her blog out.  You will NOT be disappointed.

The last month of this bee it was sad.  There were many of the bee-mates that had jumped ship. But there were a few of us held on to the end.  It was an interesting feel all throughout the months that I participated and eventually became Bee Mama.

For August, Lindsey asked for Liberated Cross Blocks.  Only a few of the remaining gals participated but I hope she got a nice handful of blocks.  An adorable baby quilt could be made I'm SURE of it. 

Here's the photo of the blocks I made.

{Modern 12} - August block

After I make up any blocks I show them to my fella.  Oh what a wonderful fella I have!  I cheerfully show him all the blocks I make. He pauses whatever he's doing and gives me the attention that I seek. He provides me some wonderful comments.

When I brought him these blocks to look at he gave me extra love.  He can always tell when I love the blocks or when I'm sewing for someone that is super special to me.  He smiled and said how wonderful they were.

The next day while I had them up for this photo came by and commented that it looks just like a map.  A map of roads along fields of flowers. Fields of flowers are exactly what these look like to me now. 


  1. Oh! He is so sweet to you!

  2. These are great! I love hearing about your bees because I'm get to join one, they scare me a little!

  3. I love these blocks Shanna. Yours colors/fabrics are great and that liberated cross patter...I love that it's such a simple block but DOESN'T look boring at all! <3

  4. Oh girl, I just got home from a trip and read this! I wish you lived near by I would hug your neck. Thank you for always being so sweet and encouraging to me! I positively LOVE the blocks you sent me and they are hanging on the design wall about ready to become something lovely. xo


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