Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Machine quilting and thread

I took a machine quilting class.  Oh it was grand.  I was the youngest in the handful of women there.  I'm always amazed that people are usually retired before they take up these types of crafts.

I have to say it again. . if it weren't for some super fabrics I wouldn't be interested in quilting at the moment.  But there are yummy fabrics, patterns, and people who make this pastime a passion.

So not only got to listen to an amazing quilter Colleen Blackwood about thread, sewing, but her ideas behind quilting.  She has a great philosophy behind her quilting.  We are good enough at the moment we are at - something that I need to hear so often with the stresses of life.

The above is just after a few minutes of encouragement and  practice.  I love it!  I will need to save up for a quilting table and then I'll rock and roll.

One of the items that the class talked about was thread weight.  Well isn't it just so fitting that I just WON some Aurifil thread from Jennifer over at Ellison Lane Quilts. . . and it arrive just this week.  Now I get to learn about the different weight threads in person!

I purchased some Tula Pink fabrics. . yum.  I am so excited to make it into a knitting pillow.  The tutorial is by Bonnie over at Wonderfully Awkward and it's posted over on Jenna's website Sew Happy Geek.  These ladies are just rocking!  Go check it out .. if you're like me you'll have some of your favorite fabrics jump to mind.

I would be working on that right now but .. nooooo.  I have strep throat.  Ugh!  Being sick totally stinks.  I just feel like I've been run over a few times without the cough and outward signs of being sick.  I keep telling my fella that I'm not faking it.  He believes me but I still feel like I should be getting ready for the WORLD FAMOUS Pendleton Round-up.  Yep it's this week.  The entire town shuts down.  :)  Let'er Buck.  I'll be doing that after the meds start working.


  1. Wow, how fun! I love the hearts in your quilting...I think a class would do me good. =)

    Congrats on your thread win too. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. So glad you learned so much at your class. I'm thinking about taking one.

    Hope you are feeling better soon! Yuck, I hate strep!

  3. I'm so jealous of your class! I so wish I was there to take it with you and make you hot tea for your throat. Thinking of you lots. :)

  4. So sorry you've been sick Shanna. Hope you are feeling better very soon. Love your FMQ - I hope mine looks as nice one day!

  5. Found you through Ellison Lane. I always like seeing another knitter/quilter!

  6. Hello! I've come over from Jennifer's blog, I just loved that interview - you made me laugh!
    Hope you're feeling better soon
    Lucy xx


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