Thursday, September 22, 2011

What's bigger than a mug rug

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So I don't always have many finishes to show. But, this is one reason I am part of many on-line bee's. I get that instant gratification of a finish every single month. It's satisfying for sure but it's also nice to put that pin in your lapel for a real finish. 

Quilts are large.  And I have a *cough cough* "few" of these in the works.

Baby quilts are easier!  I'll be whipping something out for one of my real life bff's who's having a baby boy!  OMG I can almost cry! Wait I have cried about it. .a good cry mind you. 

I have been easily nudged into joining a swap although it's SCARY! I swapped a mug rug that I finished last month. It's apparently easier for me to create something on a deadline for someone else rather than make something for me or my family.

This is what I created:
Mug Rug v2 8.2011

Snazzy if I do say so myself.  Not perfect but grand nevertheless! I blogged about this here

What!! I didn't show what I got.  I know, my bad!  Well this is what I got! 
Received Mug Rug
It's so grand!  Look there is a bee on it. . and with all the talk about my "bee's" so much how perfect is that! I love something that captures the time and place that I'm at right now.  So this mug rug isn't for mugs at all, this lives on my key and mail counter, so I use it everyday. 

So, the question is: What's smaller than a baby quilt and bigger than a mug rug?  That's right a Table Runner or a Wall Hanging .I blogged about my color choices in a previous post found here.

I've joined Jenna aka Sew Happy Geek's Swap!  You can join too... just click HERE {you know you wanna!  Just push the text or the pretty pretty button below}

SHG Swap 

Sign-up's are open till September 30th. 

Have more questions after reading these?  Tweet Jenna or me.  Or give a shout-out to Bonnie about her amazing tutes.  We'll tweet you're little fingers off.

Seriously. . if I can finish a swap - anyone can!
Well that might be the second round of antibiotics talking right now.

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  1. Love your mug rug girl! SOO bright & fun! JUST LIKE YOU! LOL I'm SERIOUSLY thinking of joining the wall hanging/table runner swap. Hard part though...narrowing my fav colors down to 3!


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