Saturday, October 15, 2011

BW&G Swap

black and white button
When your sad, you might need a little more fabric. So, I'm gonna break into my black, white, and grey stash and share it with 26 other's. . . that's right for another SWAP!

I mean I've gone and completed a few locally why not complete {another} one with folks all across the states.

Another charm pack you ask .. well what I'll do with this one is Charm Squares Baby Quilt like this one. . lalala love it

I'll add a pop of color for the sashing and that will be that.

If you are also interested go check out the flickr site or Ella's blog over at Throw a Wench in the Works. The fabric will be sent out by Nov 15.  Yipee - Should be fun!

She's working out the kinks so this swap is domestic only.


Here's the "navy" for the local swap.
Margaritas on the Beach - fabric Swap  Ohhh ahhh I heart Kate Spain!

The rest of the colors will be of this color palette.

Oh how I LOVE colors.  I'll end up with a jelly roll of these beauties + navy.


  1. 1. I TOTALLY see why you love that baby quilt! I do too.

    2. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the fabric you picked for our swap. *DROOLING*. Im glad you like the color palette. I cant wait to see what you create with your jelly roll.

  2. I've already got everything cut to make up one of those baby quilts at my guild retreat at the end of this month. It looks like a great pattern to show off fabric and quilting in the sashing.

  3. Thanks for the shout out, Shanna!

  4. Kate Spain works with everything! lol Or I'll make it work. :-) Interesting color palette going on there, should fit your green and aqua tendencies. :-)


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