Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pondering being Queen Bee

I've joined {Modern 12} Bee for the remaining 8 months. As I'm planning to be part of the new Twice as Nice bee this year.  This group I would get TWO blocks from each person.  Rarrrr.

The colors I'm in love with keep changing depending on what I'm working on.

With these two bee's going, I need to figure what I'm really wanting or "needing".  You know it's all about need.   

My first idea is to use Elizabeth Hartman's Scrappy Hedgerow Blocks
I'm still not thrilled about fussy cutting or providing anything specific for people to use.  I'm sure I'll get around any fussy cutting!  My inital color ideas include orange, teal, and white.  Oh how I adore orange.  I'll be making a few examples of what I'm thinking for the other bee's to see.

Second idea is the Elizabeth Hartman's Spiderweb Block I really like this as it has some scrappy-ness involved. I've seen a few of these with gray that really draw my eye. This could easily be for a nephew.

My third idea, at the moment, is Elizabeth Hartman's Simple Triangle. I'll have to do some of these triangles to see how much I "love" it after I complete a few.

On to more bee-ing and learning.

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