Sunday, January 9, 2011

Postage Stamp Quilt-Along

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 Another quilt along?  Why yes.  Why not.  So I've been gathering items for a orange quilt.  And amazing how many I've obtained.  Trying to gather oranges it's amazing the shades within this colorway.

So many of these just won't fit in the quilt that I want for myself.  It's good to be picky!

This past holiday, my girlfriend gave me some orange fabric. She gave me a fat eight pack of some yellow and oranges.  I added this with some of my recient purchases (and some of the many in my stash) and it will be PERFECT to use in the p.s. i quilt newest quilt along called "Postage Stamp"

So this is what I have planned.  I think together it's more than lovely. It may change with my planned day o' quilting with my girlfriend.

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