Monday, January 17, 2011

Quilting Day - January 2011

My wonderful friend came over to have a quilt-day.  It started out that I had nothing to do.  Of course that never sticks around long.

I flipped through some of my books and we talked a bit. Finally inspiration hit - babies!  I know so many people that are having kids that this is an easy project to take on.  I picked up the newest book by Elizabeth Hartman and started looking for something "fun". It didn't take me long to find something, the quilt called: Superstar. 

Thinking specifically of the newest fabric I picked up this last week, as show in my last Sunday Stash Post, I wanted to use the pink and blue tied together with a green fabric.  So the next step was to figure out - do I have enough material. Go math Go!  I went into calculation mode.  I realized why I enjoy quilting so much. . it takes the science/math geek in me, organization, and wanting to create art.  Quilting smashes it all into one activity.  Check check and double check.  I then choose to check my calculations by cutting into one set of the color pairs I've picked out. 

I had a few brain freezes along the way, a little ripping of seems, but it all came out as planned.  Here is the start of a baby girl quilt.  These are 2of the 4 yellow stars and below the other color combos I have chosen. 

I'm hoping this quilt is small enough that I'll be able to machine quilt it myself.  Oh course that's after a wee bit of sewing I have left.

I love quilting days!


  1. this looks great! Your stars look awesome, this will definitly be a fun quilt to put together!

    thanks for the comment about my postage stamp quilt...I definitly feel like all I'm seeing is 2 inch squares!

  2. I love love love those yellow blocks...that yellow fabric is out of this world.


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