Saturday, January 15, 2011

Postage Stamp Quilt-Along - Leg Work

Continuing on with the Postage Stamp Quilt along hosted by p.s. i quilt here here is the post about Leg Work

Here is what I've done for this week.  I was using fat quarters and, as Rachel posted on the flicker page for this group, I had a lot more work.  Oh it didn't help that I used my new purchase of plain white of 108" white fabric.  I got this on super sale and it's great but the width was a challenge at times.

*I rearranged the order a bit. . since this is the leg work I could still change my mind*

This pace is something I'm really enjoying.  And I'm done with this week so I'm still on a roll.  Weeeee


  1. I really like your color and fabric choices. This is going to have a great sizzle effect with the red/orange/yellow. My favorites!

  2. I love your colour choices. A lot. Red/yellow is SO cheerful and happy and the white just makes it lighter and brighter.


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