Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sliced Coins Quilt-along

Look look! don't call me betsy is having a quilt along.  This past week she released the fabric requirements.  Oh I'm excited I can use this stash of fabrics.  I'm not sure who the recipient will be. . . don't you choose this later?

I got these on one of my massive fabric binges last year while I was in Portland, Oregon.

So this is the stack of fabrics that I'll be using.  I'll make a lap quilt.  The wonderful thing is that this type of top is exactly what I was planning on using for this fabric.  Yeah!

The solid will be a brown.  It will be wonderful!

Oh and my craft room is clean again. . it's been a good weekend.


  1. Oh those fabrics are beautiful! Can't wait to see what then end up into =)

  2. What GORGEOUS fabrics Shanna! Can't wait to see this one completed.


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